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  Frequently Asked Questions - Nurses  

How do I begin working for First Choice Medical Staffing?

Simply print and complete the online pre-application form. Please allow 48 hours for a response. If you requested and received the Nurse Profile Package by mail, complete and return the application to a local First Choice Medical Staffing office. You can also call the local office to apply. Local office information is available under the Locations tab.

Does First Choice Medical Staffing offer per Diem, contract, or travel assignments?

We offer all of the above - per Diem work, temporary contract assignments and travel assignments, in addition to full-time or part-time work.

Are nurses obligated to work a minimum number of assignments to stay on staff?

No, a staffing coordinator will contact you when assignments become available, but the decision is made by you if you will accept the assignment.

What is the payroll schedule?

Upon completion of the application process, you are issued time slips. After completing an assignment, simply fill out the timesheet and fax, mail or bring it to a local office. Payment is issued upon receipt, or daily if requested.

Can nurses work full-time with First Choice Medical Staffing

Absolutely, many locations have enough work assignments to offer nurses 40 plus hours/week.  Overtime pay is issued over 40 work hours in a week and for holiday pay.  Preference is given to nurses who work full-time with First Choice Medical Staffing.

What is required from First Choice Medical Staffing nurses while working an assignment?

You must arrive on time, wear your name badge, have a positive attitude and complete the work assignment issued by the medical facility. You may be asked to attend a short orientation at the facility before beginning the assignment.  It’s important to note that you will be supervised by the management staff of the medical facility, not the First Choice Medical Staffing staff.